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Off on vacation, so I hope this will hold you over for a couple of weeks.

Game Of Thrones: Mortal Kombat

Would you play a Game of Thrones fighting game? I know I would. But Drogo vs. Robb Stark? That is not a fair matchup. And Tyrion vs. Cersei? Awesome! (Roberto Flores for Chromaengine)

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Say Hello To My Little Ottoman Friend

Remember how you were thinking it would be great if classic movie scenes were only depicted in the style of 16th century Ottoman art? Well, look no further! Turkish artist Murat Paltat has created 11 scenes (three are shown here), with more details at his site. Above: Scarface. (via Neatorama)

A Clockwork Orange

The Shining

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Who Watches The Simpsons?

I think Chris Weiermiller nails this Simpson/Watchmen mashup. I thought maybe Bart should be Rorschach, but he really does fight the Comedian's personality and Maggie did shoot Mr. Burns.

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Super Mario Game of Thrones

Westeros as a Super Mario map. Bowser is coming.
(Via Geek-Art, couldn't track the source. Anybody know?)

Update: Source found: Reddit's Titan413 as tracked by Buzzfeed's @MildlyAmused)

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