And I'll Whisper, "Would You Like Fries With That?"

The Fast Food Watchmen are well paired with their restaurant equivalents. Ozymandias is as full of himself as The Burger King is. Jack as Rorschach? Well, the face matches well. The Taco Bell Chihuahua as Doctor Manhattan makes sense, as I could see their food having the power to destroy the world. Wendy as the Silk Spectre II is obvious, being the only female fast food mascot. Ronald McDonald as The Comedian is perfect, a nihilist pushing his burgers onto the world and Colonel Sanders as Nite Owl II, a past-his-prime, impotent shlub.  (Link via Funktards)

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  1. what a great find! This is awesome. I love Watchmen parodies and this one is really creative!

  2. The image is funny, but your headline is even funnier.

  3. Years of suggestive selling dies hard.