Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot, Now You've Got The Cootie Shot

I had always assumed the transmission of cooties was instantaneous from person to person, but it appears that the Ickyus Pediculus Humanus needs to lay eggs first before metamorphosing into an adult before spreading. Just goes to show that the schoolyard doesn't know everything. Nah, nah, nah, nah!

Cootie, another fabulous illustration from Jason Freeny.

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  1. Oh, Cooties! I remember playing with them for ages when I was seven years old.

    I wonder if it says anything that so much of pop culture kitsch is from the 80s -- Mario, He-Man, etc. It's like the 80s are a collective childhood for so many people. Or maybe it's just where the kitsch market is today.

    When I start seeing Naruto kitsch, then I'll know that I'm truly old.

  2. I sometimes wonder if all this '80s nostalgia is as prevalent as it appears or if I am just self-selecting blogs that revel in the same sort of nostalgia. Would I even recognize mid-90s childhood touchstones? I don't know that I would.