Preaching To The Choir

A little self promotion, if you don't mind. You're reading this you've clearly found your way here, but there are other options:

Tumblr — Just like looking at the photos without my increasingly smaller amounts of text? The Tumblr version of my feed is the place for you.

Facebook — Do you like to Like things? Join the Popped Culture page and I'll be the friend with all the stupid links. I won't even ask you to help me move.

Twitter — My Twitter feed is actually different than my RSS, often a collection of all the other odd things I find during the day but that don't make the page. Consider it an addendum. Follow and find out.

You can also find me over at YouTube, Flickr, Digg, friendfeed, soup and ever StumbleUpon occasionally.

Umm, I don't have a MySpace page — this video will explain why: (via The Nerdist)

Ok, that's it for the naval gazing. Thanks.

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  1. I'm on myspace because I occasionally write a musician or comedian. That's it.

  2. And isn't it amazing how that has changed? MySpace was the place to be not that long ago - even Rupert Murdoch thought so. I was offered a job at the Canadian office less than three years ago and now that office is closed. Good thing they cultivated the music side or it wouldn't exist at all anymore.

  3. I deleted my MySpace today after seeing that video. I hadn't used it in nearly two years.

  4. About 4 years ago, I was working at an upstart social network that was worried about Myspace and was trying to go after the Facebook market (before it expanded from just the college set).

    Alas, they don't exist now either.

  5. But Facebook and Google will never disappear, right? A cautionary tale for them all.