Cereal Killers

Late at night, outside the Kellogg's factory and all hopped up on sugar, the cereal mascots are in the mood for trouble. Well, maybe not Sonny, who looks as blissed-out as usual. But the Trix Rabbit looks like he's looking for a different kind of trick and Lucky is just a drunk, but Cap'n Crunch, Tony and Sugar Bear look mean. Cereal Killers from pop artist Sam Carter.

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  1. Oh, that's another good one! I've just added him to my RSS reader.

  2. Sam wrote to let me know that he does this kind of art and I found so many pieces I liked that I've just been parceling them out over the past few weeks.

  3. That is a good strategy.

  4. The Cap'n's looking pretty grim with that cutlass, but really the only two real alpha mascots here are Sugar Bear...

    ...and the Tiger.

    Everybody else is toast, if and when the s* gets real.

  5. you guys f*ckin rock, glad you dig it.

  6. Just happy to point people to cool things. You're the talented one.