Everything's Drawn And Super 80s

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Is there an a-ha resurgence in the air? Could be, it's been awhile since there's been a big Norwegian band (barring, of course, my current lack of musical knowledge).

Anyway, I love the literal take on a-ha's Take On Me video. Worth a watch if you haven't already seen it everywhere else.

It reminded me of a Family Guy episode Breaking Out Is Hard to Do, where Chris is sucked into the a-ha video while in the supermarket, for the same reason anything happens on Family Guy.

It also reminds me that I listened to a whole lot of soft pop when I was in high school. Still, it's better than Glass Tiger.


  1. Man, for a two hit wonder, a-ha is actually doing pretty well of late...

  2. The web does such a fine job at reviving careers - ask Rick Astley. Not that I'm comparing the two, of course.

  3. I'd also like to note that anything is better than Glass Tiger.