If a Caribou Wins in Toronto, Does Anybody Hear?

Electronica artist Caribou won the third annual Polaris Music Prize Monday night, a prize that has quickly become the preeminent music award in Canada, due to its $20,000 jackpot and the involvement of 178 music journalists, bloggers, broadcasters and critics - which keeps any complaints at the final results to a minimum.

This years short list of nominees was a mix of music I knew and just as many that I had never heard of: Black Mountain, Plants and Animals, Basia Bulat, Stars, Shad, Kathleen Edwards, Two Hours Traffic, Holy Fuck, The Weakerthans

So this is where my friend Kyle comes in with his site Six Pix Mix. Kyle has been blogging a weekly sampling of great music, often new, indie and obscure (depending on your music geek level).

Anywho... he put together a Polaris sampler that you should check out. Go there, now.

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