This Book Decapitated Michael Ondaatje

This is the funniest, most violent trailer for a piece of Can-Lit I have seen this month. OK, ever. Who knew there was such a thing as book trailers?

I get sent a lot of emails from people who want to promote their album/TV show/product/zoo, but most have clearly never read me before. This, on the other hand, gets it: Margaret Atwood driving an 18-wheeler. As the trailer says, "What the fuck was that?!"

So I have no idea if it has anything to do with the graphic novel its promoting, Etcetera and Otherwise, but I figure its worth at least a look. Beats the hell out of My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors.


  1. ho lee shit that was funny.

  2. Rock'em sock'em Can Litt complete with Sam Peckinpaw bloodworks and Trailer Park Boys dialogue! It was worth it just to see Atwood decapitate Ondaatje!!