All Right Mr. Groening, I'm Ready For My Close-Up

The Simpsons are big. It's the pictures that got small!

Much of the joy of watching the yellow denizens of Springfield is the cornucopia of pop cultural references that make up every episode. I've always felt the show was my reward for a lifetime of watching TV and movies, especially as the writers and animators constantly borrow from classic films.

Of course, some references manage to get slip by, no matter how diligent ones has been about sitting on the couch and inside darkened movie theatres. For example, I never realized that a scene from Duffless, where Lisa was experimenting on Bart with two cupcakes was directly from A Clockwork Orange.

So imagine how happy I was to come across a Spanish Simpsons' site that has painstakingly matched screenshots of the show with their cinematic equivalent. I knew most of these, but it was still great to see them side by side, shot for shot. Below is one of my all-time favourites is the recreation of Psycho's shower scene in Itchy and Scratchy and Marge. Take that, Gus Van Sant. Check out Actualidad Simpson for many, many more.

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