Babe 3: Swine Flu

That'll do, pig. You've killed enough people. Oh, come on people! If we can't laugh at this you might as well roll over, cough and die.

But if you haven't given up yet, why not look H1N1 in the eye with your stylish surgical mask. All the health-conscious hipsters are doing it. (Link via Gizmodo)

Ok, a couple more shot at the pigs...

Yes, I know, it's not caused by pigs, but it's just nice to see pork on the internet without it being about the web bacon obsession. (Link via Geekologie)

We should have suspected Piglet. Probably took out Christopher Robin too. Seems I wasn't the only one who didn't think it was too early for some swine flu humor.
(Link via Editorial Ass)

You just knew somebody was going to blame Miss Piggy. I mean, if ever there was a swine that would be spreading disease...
(From Pittsburgh Tribune cartoonist Randy Bish, via I Can Has Happy)

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  1. I loved the one with Pooh and Piglet! Makes me wonder how the other Looney Toon characters are treating Porky these days...

  2. Good point. And I have my suspicions about Wilbur of Charlotte's Web too. The last message in the web: "You've killed us all..."

  3. Seems like Swine Flu is all the rage. Make sure you watch out for these flu's eerily similar to the swine flu