Lost's Labor's Lost

Tonight's the season finale before the final season of Lost. Given the show's history, the past couple of episodes and J.J. Abrams love of time travel (see Star Trek) it will likely be a head scratcher.

Which is just fine with me. The question is often asked if the writers are making it up as they go along and the answer is, of course they are. That's how good writing is done — you have to see where it take you. If the whole series managed to wrap up without a few ponderables left over, I'd be very disappointed. You want answers to everything? Then don't ask any questions.

That being said, if you want a group to mull those questions and elusive answers with, there is no better place than Nik at Nite who, with her loyal readers, read the entrails of each episode and take you places you didn't know you were going. Highly recommended.

And if you want to hash over who and how characters have been killed off, look to Topless Robot's The 10 Most Shafted Characters from Lost. I totally agree on Libby and Walt, but who defends Paulo and Nikki?

As for the above image (via In Web We Trust) I once again have a cool, yet unattributed image. Anyone seen it before?

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