Holy Gender Bender, Superhero!

What would male superheroes look like as women? Surprisingly well-endowed. I'd like to imagine that this is a feminist rethink but its most likely a reason to draw humongous breasts.

She-Man is an unfortunate name choice here for what else it implies. Hmm, actually it seems possible.

Ok, they aren't superheroes per se, but I couldn't resist a feminized version of Asterix and Obelix. I think I saw Obelix in Florida. (Link via BuzzFeed, which has a dozen more.)

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  1. There are two gender-bending superheroes from published, Golden Age comics that come to mind (both DC):

    1. The Red Tornado: A married mother who worked as a riveter by day, and fought criminals by night in a padded costume with a closed-face helmet (made from a steel pot) that, along with her heavy frame and large muscles, led many to assume she was a man.

    2. Madame Fatal, a male detective/vigilante who wore a dress, wig and makeup to appear as an older woman in his alter-ego, the better to surprise opponents with unexpected strength and reflexes.