Beam Me Up, Scotchie

With the reboot of the Star Trek looming on the horizon, everyone's trying to piggyback on the Enterprise. Sometimes it is amusing, sometimes creepy. So why not get your Trekkie on with a couple of these concoctions?

I can't bear scotch myself, but I'd find it hard to resist a Beam Me Up, Scotchie. Slurp back eight more nerdy delights. I'm more of a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster kinda guy.

If the drinks aren't taking you where no one has gone before, how about a wall mural that will turn your bedroom (I assume) into the bridge of the original Enterprise? You can serve everyone Fuzzy Tribbles.

If those don't work for you (or work too well) there is only one final resting place: a Star Trek casket. May you die long and prosper.

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