Daddy, Can I Have Herpes?

Cuddle up with a sexually transmitted disease, courtesy of Drew Oliver's line of 15 giant plush microbes, who claims: "I want to do for microbes what Walt Disney did for rodents." Not into the STDs? Then how about ebola, HIV, or the flesh eating bacteria?
There’s no cure for herpes, so once you get a hold of this little guy, you’ll never be able to let him go. Unlike his biological counterparts, this guy stays around all month long, rather than cycling through active and remission periods. Plus, they won’t leave you with painful, itchy and unsightly blisters.

This also just might be the only way you can give someone herpes while expecting them to ever talk to you again.
Drop those antibiotics and head to the Neatorama store and pick up a disease for the hypochondriac in your life.

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