101 Last Suppers

Who know the Last Supper would be such a popular pop culture touchstone? When I started noticing them a couple of years ago I thought it would be fun to compile a few. I figured I might be able to find 10.

Last night I put the finishing touches to my Last Supper post, adding another 50 versions of Leonardo da Vinci's L'Ultima Cena.

Above is the version of the Last Supper that hung over Michael Jackson's bed at Neverland (otherwise known as the scene of the crime). I've also added Last Suppers featuring Dilbert, Dogs Playing Poker, Dracula, Elvis, Raptor Jesus, Superheroes, Mel Brooks and a slew of others.

And thanks to Neatorama, Geekologie and PopCandy for the link love!

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  1. This version of the last supper is not the one hanging above Michael's bed. The sources are not accurate.

  2. AND..to add to what Amy says...there are many renditions of this famous paintings done in humor with many different famous people/figures, including Micky Mouse, Marilyn Manroe, The Seventies Show, etc. I am afraid the only message that gets through in this article is your ignorance.

  3. Thanks Himmelblue - telling me that there are others reveals your ignorance, not mine. If you had clicked the link you'd know that I have posted well over 100 parody versions of the Last Supper. But thanks for coming by over a year later to add nothing of value.


  4. I apologize - you are right I should have clicked the link - I did not see it. I got caught up in the tone of the article, which seemed derisive and made a judgement it that was premature.