Yar, Pirates!

Ok, I know pirates aren't the romantic, comedic, swashbuckling figures of books and pop culture. Yes, they are murderous, desperate, drug-addled fiends, just like the real pirates of old. So I can't help but echo the excitement Rayne, of Least I Could Do, over the reemergence of real-life, high-seas cutthroats.

I mean, come on, pirates! I totally wanted to be a pirate when I was a kid. Now that I've (purportedly) grown up, I'd rather be a space pirate, but I many have to pass that dream on to my son.

Of course maybe the media is oversimplifying the story — we do that, you know.

Hmm, the cartoon man may be right. How else to explain the serendipitous emergence of a Spike TV show about U.S. Navy pirate hunters? What an amazing coincidence!

But until we get that thoughtful documentary, I'll be following the pirates on Twitter and dreaming of treasure.

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