Ahoy, Bunnies!

Yo-ho-ho, just in time for the third installment of Pirates of the Caribbean, comes the 30-Second Bunnies reenactment of the previous two swashbucklers. They are both summed up in the single take for obvious reasons – it was the same movie.

Is Johnny Depp finally walking the plank with this one? Will the Hollywood rebel loose some of his cool factor by continuing to star in the franchise? It was surprising to see him come on board for a Disney movie about a theme park ride, but he turned that around so I’m not counting him out yet. Plus it has Chow Yun-Fat. Sure, he hasn’t done anything good since leaving Hong Kong (go rent Hard Boiled and see what I mean), but hopefully this one will work out.

Of course if Pirates brings in another treasure chest full of cash at the box office, we will likely see another movie rise from the briny depths in two years. As Entertainment Weekly put it: “Vowed the studio, ‘We will not stop until pirate movies suck again.’”


  1. Love the bunnies! We are on the same wave length. Great way to get caught for the summer sequels. PS- I had breakfast with someone you know yesterday, James Rocchi. Small world/web.

  2. I'd love to see a Bunnies marathon recaping all of the Harry Potter films. But knowing Kill Bill is coming this year will suffice.

    And you know Rocchi? A small world indeed. I hope he's doing well - I haven't seen him since he was in town for the film fest.