Holding Out for a Hero

We've had Zeroes already and now Hewoes, a cartoon spoof of the season's best TV show from Parody Press Comics: When cheerleader Klair Bendit discovers her weird powers playing Twister and her dad's secret project involving strangers from around the world, the fun begins. Meet the enigmatic Pastrami brothers, Internet Weathergirl Sniki Sanders, constipated Japanese office worker Hewoe, and Mohinder Night Shalaman, who is trying to make sense of the whole thing while a berserk hairdresser named Styler is on the rampage!
Thanks to Glitterati for the discovery.

Tonight marked the return of Heroes and it was well worth the wait. Superpower fights, a buildup towards the finale and screentime for almost all of the characters, including the wonderfully dry Malcolm McDowell as Linderman. The episode delved into a 9/11 conspiracy theory, suggesting that Linderman's plan to let New York be destroyed will help rally the world under a common cause and a common fear with Nathan Petrelli as the leader everyone turns to.

What does it all mean? Everyone believes what they are doing is right, including the characters identified as evil. Those that think they are doing right may just be part of a larger plan that they are unaware of. Is the message that motive doesn't matter, it is actions that count? I don't know the answer, but love any show that makes me ask those questions. For more on the episode, check out Nikki's always comprehensive posts.

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