Love It or Loathe It

"Simplistic, stupid, moronic, and creepy"
"Completely original and weird"
"Deliberately brutal video editing, complete with bad transitions, horrible green screen, and jarring effects"
"I find most of their skits to be... 'icky' and creepy in an unfunny and uncool way."

With reviews like that, you just have to check it out, don’t you? The love/hate is for Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! a show that airs on Adult Swim block on the Cartoon Network in the U.S. It is low quality, bizarre comedy from the creators of Tom Goes to the Mayor, which airs here in Canada. The skits are filled with non-sequiturs and awkward pauses and uncomfortable moments where you wonder if it is actually funny.

I found out about this show from my friend Steve Pratt who is doing what appears to be evangelistic missionary work on behalf of the program. Steve, who refers to it as “meta-comedy for geeks made by HUGE geeks,” cornered me during one of his brief sojourns to Toronto and pulled out his laptop to show me clip after clip of this peculiar brand of comedy.

Here’s one of the more mainstream clips. For more, check out Steve’s shrine.

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  1. You are doing good work here, Barker. Very good, very important work. On behalf of Tim and Eric, whom I have never met, I thank you.