I've never really understood the appeal of steampunk. It's one of those web phenomenons that has escaped me. Why would you want everything to look like futuristic Victorian technology?

But there was no denying the artistry of Fabricio Moraes' winning entry for the CG Society's Steampunk Myths & Legends contest:
Geppetto is a mad and lonely old man. Since he has no friends at all, he decided to make one. With no magic or abracadabra stuff, he makes his creation alive with the power of steam.
I really have a thing for variants of classic Disney images these days.
(Link via Mira y Calla)

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  1. I have to admit I have always loved steampunk, although I think that may have come from growing up on a steady diet of The Wild Wild West. At any rate, I have to admit that I love Fabrico Morae's interpretation of Pinnochio. The puppet doesn't look nearly as lovable though...

  2. There seems to be such a fetish surrounding it online, but who knows, maybe I'll get turned around on it. Some of it does look cool.

    So would Jiminy Cricket just be a vacuum tube?