Alice in Wonderland Alignment Chart

To be honest, my Dungeons and Dragons knowledge is a little thin and so the difference between some character alignments haven't always been clear to me. Having them placed in an Alice in Wonderland context helps, kinda. Looking at this chart, I'd like to think I'm the March Hare, but I'm more likely The Caterpillar. (The Ten Greatest Alignment Charts of All Time via Geekosystem)

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  1. Every now and then as I'm flipping through my RSS reader (about 650 items a day), I see something and say "I should send this to Jeremy." And then I realize that I'm looking at your blog.

  2. Ha! My RSS reader is out of hand too - it has read 1000+ for so long I wonder if I will ever clear it.

  3. This speaks to me on so many levels, Jer. Poppy is currently obsessed with Alice in Wonderland (we watch it every day) and Jason is away on a lads D&D weekend.

  4. When I posted that, I was wondering if Tristan would enjoy it. We still need a Settlers of Catan night.