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I loved Hurt Locker, but this is pretty much how I figure it will go at the Oscars. I barely feel invested in this year's race, but I can't not make a few picks.

Best Picture: Avatar - they can't ignore a film that has made a couple of billion dollars.
Best Director: Kathyrn Bigelow - Hurt Locker's concession to losing Best Picture.
Best Actor: Jeff Bridges - I haven't seen Crazy Heart, but Bridges is the only choice anyone is making.
Best Actress: Sandra Bullock - The Blind Side's reward for a Best Picture nod.
Best Supporting Actor: Mo'Nique - Like Bridges, the runaway favourite. 
Best Supporting Actress: Christoph Waltz - He owned every scene of Inglourious Basterds he was in and was a thrill to watch.
Best Original Screenplay: I want Inglourious Basterds to win, if just to watch Quentin Tarantino to bring his sweaty, nervous energy to the Oscar podium.
Best Adapted Screenplay: I'm going with District 9 because I enjoyed it, but that's usually the kiss of death for my choices.
Best Animated Film: Up has the only real shot here.

These are hardly out-there picks, so if you want to win your Oscar pool, you'll have to do it in the other 15 categories. I have no idea about these, so you're on your own, but you can pretty much pick Avatar for any technical categories. Oh yeah, and Logorama for Best Animated Short, one I actually posted about.  (Pic via Comixed)

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  1. Woot, a big win for Hurt Locker. Good thing I didn't enter an Oscar pool.