Tech Bites Man

Didn’t you love how Heroes wrapped up? How about the Simpsons? Do you think it still has what it takes after 400 episodes? I ask because I have no idea myself, as our PVR decided to give up the ghost over the long weekend, taking my pop culture joys with it.

When we first got the PVR it was a revelation. No longer were we shackled to the primetime grid, it was souped-up VCR that let us watch shows whenever we wanted. Instead of thinking a new episode began at 8pm on a Monday it was now just when a new episode was available for viewing.

But recently the bloom has come off the rose as the machine that let us keep up with multiple serial dramas and reality shows started letting us down. The need for resets came more often and shows got lost in the downtime. It wouldn’t matter so much if the rest of the TV industry caught up to the new reality. So I missed a show – no big deal if I could watch it on demand over the following week. Imbed the ads and disable the fast forward function. I’d accept that as my payment. Or I’d pay for it at iTunes, but the Canadian version doesn’t sell TV shows. It is streaming at Global (the Canadian rebroadcaster) but on a cramped little screen and the NBC site won’t allow non-U.S. viewers.

So what’s a fan supposed to do? It is time to delve into the murky waters of BitTorrents. I’d rather not have to search for what the episode name, number and date of the show I am looking for, or to take the several hours to download what may or may not be the program it claims. I’d prefer to watch it on my big screen when I want to, but I can’t because the networks are still stuck in the box that many viewers have long since broken out of.


  1. For Heroes... I'd check into viewing the show through a proxy rather than the route you are looking into.

  2. Some shows are now shown online as well. Sadly, however, this takes cable internet. If all you have is dial up, well, it just won't work.

  3. AnonymousMay 24, 2007

    That sucks! Not to get all corporate lackey on ya, but we're streaming the Hereos finale on Global's site:

    Watch it soon, cause I don't think the episodes stay up long. And you better download Lost too, 'cause me and you got some talkin' to do!!


  4. I've had a few good suggestions on alternative places to look for shows I've missed, you devious little monkeys! Thanks to all who have commented and emailed. The networks better get moving...

    Jen, I saw that on the Global site, just thought the stream was too small. But it is something at least.

  5. Aww, bummer! That makes me think of the "Noooooooo" video. I usually try finding shows on the network websites and I am an onDemand whore. Does Canada have OnDemand?

  6. AnonymousMay 27, 2007

    Look what I found!

    Hope it helps.

  7. We have on demand movies, but not for TV shows. And thanks LC, I'm impressed with how many other options there are out there. Take that, network schedule.