Burning Down the House

Every so often the city reminds you why you live there and Toronto did this for me this past weekend. Following an afternoon of disc golf out on the island and an evening BBQ on the roof of a downtown condo overlooking the skyline, I headed over to my friend Richard Gilmore’s closing party for his Contact exhibition, Ritual Use of Fire.

It was a fun party, interesting people, a few friends and some great photos. But the evening came to life when we were shepherded out into the alleyway for a demonstration. Out we stumbled into the night where some of the firedancers from the exhibit turned on the heat. A couple of dozen of us watch and applauded, drinks in hand, as the dancers lit up the night swirling the fire about their bodies and often just inches from us. Cabbies stopped and stared as passersby gawked. It was a perfect moment.

All photos courtesy of Richard Gilmore.

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