Where My Bees At?

Bees are disappearing and nobody can really pinpoint why. It's called Colony Collapse disorder and could be caused by disease, a virus, genetically modified crops or even cell phones.

And now it's seeping into pop culture, so you just know it's serious. As in losing one-third of our fruit and veggies serious.

When a honey bee returns to the hive after finding a good source of nectar, it will perform a unique dance for its hive mates, detailing the distance, quality and quantity of the new food supply. Here’s what really goes on:

Learn more at helpthehoneybees.com

Jessica Hagy over at indexed is perplexed as well. As she says, what really is going on?


  1. I have to admit colony collapse scares me. I happen to love both honey and mead (which comes from honey), and you can't have either without bees.

  2. Mead! I suppose nobody can steal that from you at a party and pretend it is theirs.