Rodriguez Does the Crime, Does the Time

Michelle Rodriguez arrest photoI can only hope that Michelle Rodriguez, who plays Lost tallie Ana Lucia, is taking character acting to a whole new level – because it’s hard to believe she could be such a cold-hearted diva.

Rodriguez pleaded guilty to drunk driving today and was given a choice: pay a $500 fine and spend five days in jail or do 240 hours of community service. She chose to do the time.

Her attorney, Steve Barta, described choosing to be locked away instead of helping the community as a “personal choice.

"I would suspect that because she has a hard time even going out for a meal without being intruded upon for an autograph or photograph, it's really difficult for her to do community service," he said.

Fans approaching her because they like her work are more oppressive than some hard time? Wow, she really is full of herself, isn’t she?

So has the show had enough of her carousing ways? There was specualtion back in February that producers, sick of her attitude, were ready to write her out as soon as possible. But exec producer Damon Lindelof says it won't happen. "It's all huff and puff and speculation. Lost's story is the star and no actor would ever be killed off for any other reason than supporting the story.

But as E! Online says, we'll see.


  1. Jeremy, give her a break. I applaud Rodriguez. It's a middle finger to the usual pious Hollywood attitude. She'd rather get it over with and get on with her life. You know, she's actually opting for being PUNISHED as opposed to handing out turkey dinners at the soup kitchen or "working" in a hospital file card room, or whatever Winona did. When did jail become an unacceptable form of paying your debt to society? Only in Hollywood...

  2. You make a fine point Charlie Brown. I suppose I was just being harsh as she seems to give the middle figure to everyone in everything she's doing, both professionally and personally. But you're right -- I think more celebs should take their lumps and do some time. Next up? Kevin Costner.