‘Roid Rage

• Following up on a couple of topics I’ve hit recently, my favourite still has to be Lost hard-ass Michelle Rodriguez. The pugilistic Rodriguez, who was arrested for drinking and driving last December, chose five days in the slammer over community service and has already served her time. When she was pulled over she yelled at the cops, at one point telling them” “Why don’t you just put a gun to my head and shoot me! You’ve already taken my freedom! You might as well take my life too!”

At her sentencing she blamed her behaviour on steroid injections she had been taking to treat allergies to dust and cockroach resin that made her manic. She also claimed to have learned all her driving skills at a car-racing school that she attended for a role. She must have impressed the casting director as much as the police as I don’t see anyone driving roles for her on IMDB. I wonder if she learnt her drunken belligerence for a role as well?

Anyway, word is Anna Lucia isn’t long for the island anyways, with rumours that her character’s grave has been spotted on the set.

• Sticking with Lost, creator J.J. Abrams has taken exception to rumours of his producing and directing the next Star Trek film, but didn’t really deny them.

"The whole thing was reported entirely without our cooperation," Abrams told Empire magazine. "People learned that I was producing a Star Trek film, that I had an option to direct it, they hear rumors of what the thing was going to be and ran with a story that is not entirely accurate." So will it be about a young Kirk and Spock? He wouldn’t say. With the kind of obsessive fans Lost has attracted and the legion of Trekkies in the world, how could Abrams not have expected the interest?

• Why is it that when US Weekly reports that Britney Spears is pregnant with her second child it is taken as truth, but when the multitude of gossip sites who had been speculating on her size for over a month claimed it, that was just a rumour? Just askin’.


  1. Would cockroach resin be the same as cockroach turds?

    ...Inquiring minds and all...

  2. I thought she was in one of the Fast And The Furious films, I think thats the driving role she was referring to....

  3. God forbid she does any community service and work to actually do something POSITIVE with her life even if it's for a few days. Of course she would prefer to go to jail because all ghetto shitbags see jail as some kind of accomplishment. Man I hate that beast.

  4. Attila, I googled the term "cockroach resin" and the only things that come up are stories about Rodriguez saying she is allergic to it. I think you may be right. Anyway, I have to give her credit for a truely bizarre excuse.

    And I stand corrected, she was in The Fast and the Furious. How was her driving?

    Marilyn, I hear ya. She just rubs me the wrong way.