R.I.P. Invasion

ABC has saved the planet from aliens by canceling Invasion, but the Earth’s win is our loss.

The announcement was lost in the shuffle of big names returning to TV – Matthew Perry, Calista Flockhart and even more Simon Cowell – as the networks revealing their fall schedules this week. I mean the U.S. networks, of course, as the Canadian networks (except the CBC) have to wait to see what they can buy before revealing “their” schedule.

I don’t understand why Invasion didn’t take off. It had a great cast consisting of two blended families trying to stay together as their town is taken over by body snatchers. The show moved at a brisk pace with more reveals each episode than a month’s worth of Lost. And, not to put too fine a point on it, some very hot actors.

Invasion was dropping around half of Lost’s audience, but with a hit like that, who wouldn’t? Why not try it in another slot? Or, just maybe, don’t put the brakes on a hot series by putting it on hiatus for weeks on end.

There is some hope that the new CW network (the blend of WB and UPN) may pick up the show. Of course there are contradictory reports that say talk of that is dying. I hope it has a chance – one season is not enough.

For those who care, the season, and perhaps series finale, airs Wednesday, May 17, at 10 p.m. ET.

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