Come on Down to Genpop...

I love Prison Break, I heart South Park and I’m nuts for pop culture mashups, so you can imagine how head over heels I was when I came across Give Me My Remote’s recap of last night’s episode. While brief, it makes me laugh and that’s all that really matters to me.

Speaking of which, my favourite bunnies have posted another 30-second reenactment, this time taking on Rocky. Great stuff and fun to see Apollo Creed as a huge rabbit.

One other bit of amusing news today to file under Celebrities Says the Darndest Things. Just days after Michelle Rodriguez blamed her drinking and driving and other bad habits on her reaction to steroids she was taking for her allergies to cockroach resin, she has already been knocked off the throne.

Professional heroin addict and court attendee Pete Doherty, who was arrested on the weekend after pictures surfaced of him apparently shooting up an unconscious woman with heroin, claimed he was actually just drawing blood to paint a picture with. WTF? Damn, he’s good! I never would have thought of that one.

On a related note, why is this guy a star? He dated Kate Moss (and why is she a star?) and was in The Libertines and Babyshambles, and I can’t think of a single from either. Just askin’.

Oh yeah, I’m also guest editing over at Scandal Sheet again for a couple of days, where I am contributing to Doherty infamy. Go figure.

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