Dancing With Scissors

I like musicals. That is to say I don’t think they are the most annoying form of entertainment created by humans. No, wait, I’m equivocating again. I’ve actually seen more singing and dancing than I’ve ever acknowledged and I’ve been known to enjoy it.

In high school I saw both Cats and the Phantom of the Opera caterwaul. While in New York a couple of years ago we did the whole Broadway experience at Avenue Q (20-something, foul-mouthed, underemployed puppets, what’s not to love?) Here in Toronto we’ve completed the circle of life at The Lion King; we could not resist Mamma Mia; Wicked was, well, wicked; and most recently we saw The Lord of the Rings before it met a fiery death in the reviews of Mordor. If anyone else told me that list I’d say they like musicals, so there it is.

So when I got an email about a musical production of Edward Scissorhands coming to Toronto I was intrigued. The classic tale of a misunderstood loner trying to fit into a candy-coated version of ‘50s suburbia is one of director Tim Burton’s best. In the film Johnny Depp was superb as the terrified yet curious boy with scissors for hands and Winona Ryder was still in that cute stage before everyone realized she couldn’t act. Many of Burton’s films appear ideal for adaptation to the stage – The Corpse Bride was essentially a musical and both Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Beetle Juice would also make for colourful show.

But I get ahead of myself. This version is based on Burton’s film but leaves the dialogue behind, choosing instead to interpret the work with dancing topiary, Christian Goths and a cast of 30 dancers. It’s just weird enough to work.

Interested? It’s playing for just three nights - Wednesday, April 4 through Friday, April 6 at 8 PM at the Hummingbird Centre. Login to Ticketmaster.ca with the promotional code EDBLOG to receive a $15 discount off any seat or price range – online sales only. Or check out the official site.


  1. That looks cool!

    One of the pitfalls of not living in TO: missing all the great shows.

  2. I have to admit it sounds interesting. I wonder if it will ever play St. Louis? Anyhow, it certainly seems odd the subjects they chose for musicals anymore--Lord of the Rings, Anne Rice's character LeStat, Dracula....

  3. There really was a Lestat musical, wasn't there? Makes me glad I finally got out of my Anne Rice phase.

  4. i loved danny elfman's film scoring...

    are they using that for this?

    Very interesting...I just don't think i like the idea of films becoming musicals...I suppose some people would argue that they don't like musicals becoming films...so oh well...

    i guess it works, and this is a fun choice.

  5. The music is based on the Elfman score. I too hope they stick close to it. I'll let you know how it goes.

  6. Geez, is there not ONE original idea out there anymore? ::sigh::