Poor Little Rich Girl

How annoyed must someone be with you to cut you out of a couple of billion dollars? Paris Hilton's grandfather Barron Hilton plans to donate 97% of his net worth, estimated today at $2.3 billion, to a charitable trust. Barron's father Conrad did the same, but Barron challenged the will and clawed a sizable amount back from charity, but now he'd rather give it away then see it in the hands of his petulant progeny. Perhaps Paris will fight this in court, but her lawyers couldn't even keep 1 Night in Paris off the shelves, so it doesn't look good for the heiress.

Of course Paris has, against all reason, turned herself into a multi-platform brand and likely has a significant trust fund to help her get by, but still, it has got to sting...


  1. I really can't blame Barron Hilton. I mean, who would want their legacy going to a spoiled, none too bright, impetuous, and out of control brat?

  2. See, I feel a little bit bad for her sister though... she actually has an education and some ambition.

  3. I can't feel too bad - they'll just have to make due as a plain-old millionaire socialite instead of a billionaire. I'm sure they will get by, as difficult as it will be.