The Scientologist's Last Supper

I can't believe it took me so long to check The Gallery of the Absurd for a version of the Last Supper and fourteen did not disappoint with The Scientologist's Last Supper: "It clearly shows Tom Cruise as Christ, but leaves several other questions unanswered. For instance, who is the mysterious woman seated to His left and why is she smiling like that? Could she be his...gasp...wife? Is that a Jenny Craig-approved cupcake Kirstie Alley is grabbing? John Travolta is wearing loafers and he's floating - what does this mean? How did Will Smith get mixed up with this bunch? So many questions, so few answers."

Though painted in January 2007 it dovetails nicely with the extra craziness of Cruise's feverish advocation of The Church of Scientology, leaked this January (2008) on all sorts of sites.

I've added this version and another nine takes on Da Vinci's masterpiece into the ever-expanding Suddenly Last Supper, bringing the total to 44 so far. Included in this update are versions from Battlestar Galactica, the pantheon of rock gods and the X-Men.