One Chord to Another

Sloooooooan, Slooooooooooooan! Sorry, but you just have to do that when talking about Sloan, who to my surprise (and no doubt theirs) released their ninth studio album today, 17 years after they stormed out of Halifax.

"We were Canada's Nirvana, then Canada's Oasis, then we weren't anything," Chris Murphy told the National Post's Ben Kaplan. The above photo encompasses the interview (click for a larger version) with the shoot-from-the-lip Murphy. There are more quotes at The Ampersand.

Some choice zingers:
"In the ’90s, all we had to do was show up, we were cooler than everybody. Who’s going to be cooler than us, Tea Party? I Mother Earth? These people aren’t cool — we’re cool."

"Collective Soul? Nickelback? Poor Eddie Vedder — he’s responsible for all that shit."

"Underwhelmed is our Creep. Actually, Creep is their Underwhelmed. We predate those motherfuckers."
The new album is Parallel Play and I'm listening to it as I write this. Check it out. Slooooooooooooan!


  1. I think I found out why we didn't hear about this record well in advance.

    It's pretty terrible.

    I hope this is a blip and not a direction.

  2. I didn't even realise they were still around....

  3. I've got no complaints, Aidan. I'm not blown away but then I haven't been blown away by any music in some time.

    I think I just consume music differently now - occasional listens while doing other things and then it is throw on the digital pile to be spit out by the randomness of my iPod. It's not romantic, it just is.