Requiem For A Day Off

Some selective editing and a dramatic score can completely change the flavour and intent of a film. Take Ferris Bueller's Day Off, cut everything except the most dramatic scenes and lines and overlay Lux Aeterna, best known as the theme music for Requiem for a Dream and you have an entirely different movie.

For a stunning mashup of Requiem for a Dream, check out the twisted version of Toy Story.


  1. Yes, I saw this a while back. Funny what can be done when you change the music and select certain scenes..

  2. Ya, who knew the web would be such a repository for reruns?

    I've always figured a show like Survivor could cut two entirely different story lines just from all the footage they shoot. Makes you respect the editor all the more.

  3. One of my favourite shows is Doctor Who and one part of the mythology is a Time War - that was never shown on TV.

    This clip is an excellent "trailer" for a Time War movie that never was. Using clips and audio going back over 30 years, this looks like a movie I'd happily pay $13 to see.

    Time war

  4. Damn! All of a sudden I want to watch Ferris Beuller's Day Off again.