Olé: The Bored Matador

Bullfighting is a deranged, gratuitously cruel blood sport, but the craziest label is reserved for those who take part in the running of the bulls.

Skittering down a narrow cobblestone street, pursued by a dozen 2,000-pound angry beasts, you pretty much deserve what you get. And this year the bulls are up 13-0, trampling multiple people who don't have the sense to get out of the way. Nobody has been killed so far — the bulls won't be so lucky.

But what caught my attention while putting together a gallery for work was the bored dude leaning against the wall having a smoke as bulls toss runners left and right. His ennui is preternatural.


  1. I can only figure that he must have seen the running of the bulls one too many times...

  2. What a great visual metaphor for the early 21st century - unprecedented social and environmental upheaval around the globe and many in the West react with a bored indifference, staring blankly at the latest story about Lindsey Lohan's latest antics or Brittany's child custody troubles.

    I suppose its sort of like surviving a car crash, and the related shock causing you to focus on whether you remembered to water your plants or not that morning.

    Thanks for posting this rather poignant photo!

  3. Well, I love this photo even more now.