Why So Ultraviolent, Droogs?

The Joker as Clockwork Orange's Alex would be terrifying. Alex was redeemable — they were able to, through mental torture, reach his moral core. I get the feeling that the Joker would have enjoyed being forced to watch graphically violent films. It would only make him crazier.

Joker Alex by Tommy Lombardozzi, who will be at the Big Apple Comic Con on May 21st, 2011 in NYC. (Via my pals at Cultural Compulsive Disorder)

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  1. Actually, Alex LIKED the violent films they showed him too. That's precisely why they injected a drug that made him feel ill: so he'd associate pain with violence and rape. He simply felt crippingly sick anytime he wanted to hurt people.
    The Ludovico technique didn't reach any "moral code" whatsoever, it was meant to induce a purely physiological constraint to his behaviour. That's the whole point.

    In that sense, it's Joker-proof.

  2. I realized that as I hit publish, but was too lazy to go back and changed it.

    So we just need a morally ambiguous superhero to use the Ludovico technique on all the super villains and all will be well.