50 Years Of James Bond: The Movie

Does five minutes each of 22 James Bond movies strung together, make a new, coherent 007 adventure? Yeah, it kind of does, which says something about the formula of the films but also speaks to the success of the franchise over 50 years.

The Bond films have always adapted to the times and the popular themes of the time. Live and Let Die followed Shaft, Moonraker followed Star Wars, Daniel Craig's gritty Bond followed Matt Damon's Jason Bourne and now Skyfall follows The Dark Knight. As my colleague Natalie Atkinson writes, "every generation gets the James Bond it deserves."

Skyfall fits perfectly into the 007 oeuvre, moving the story along while finding a place within it. And as it was the first of the series to be filmed in IMAX, that's how we went to see it. Today a viewing experience can be on an iPhone screen or a really large TV in your living room — but you cannot replicate the experience of watching a film on a screen the size of 2-3 story house. I love filling my field of vision in a theatre, but this goes well beyond as your eye cannot see the edges of the screen, so you follow where the director wants you to go. Awesome.

And with Craig signed on for at least two more films, I'll be seeing my favourite secret agent for years to come.  (Video via Nerdist)

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