Game Of Mortal Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen Vs. Robert Baratheon

It's a good matchup, but I think I have to give it to Robert and his warhammer. If it could take out Rhaegar, it should be able to handle Daenerys — at least until her dragons grow larger. (Roberto Flores via Geek-Art)

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  1. amazing, hope to be truth someday, next fight: arya vs joefry, but like @~sy2k says: Jon Snow+Ygritte VS Jamie+Brienne is one funkin good fight.
    keep it drawing!

  2. That would be an interesting bout! Does Jamie still have his hand? If so, I don't thing Snow and Ygritte would have much chance. Arya vs. Joffrey is so easy for Ayra, unless Joffrey is seconded by The Hound, though her second could be Syrio. Anyway, I hope there are many more of these!

  3. Noob question, but this game doesn't exist does it?

  4. Sadly, no. I would play the hell out of it if it did.