Reality: Stranger Than You Think

I'm Richard Hatch. Who the hell are you?There is strange goings on in the world of the famous and wannabe famous. First off there is Richard Hatch. Remember him? He was the first winner of Survivor, the openly-gay, openly-naked, overweight Machiavellian who gleefully manipulated his way to the million-dollar win. He’s currently in court, fighting charges that he evaded paying taxes on said win.

Don’t count him out yet. In a development worthy of a Survivor twist, Hatch’s lawyer is now alleging that the show agreed to pay his tax hit:
The bargain purportedly came about after Hatch allegedly caught some of his fellow contestants cheating by having friends sneak food to them on the island. He told producers, who ultimately attempted to buy his silence, reports E! Online.
I love this guy! He’s always a step ahead of everyone. Some contestants are denying this could have ever happened while other nameless sources say everyone knew this was happening. Personally, I hope it’s true. It’s about time the curtain was pulled back so we can see the inner workings of the Survivor machine.

Speaking of the courts, Colin Farrell is finding out the hard way why making homemade porn isn’t always as good of an idea as it sounds. The scruffy star is battling his Playboy Playmate ex-girlfriend Nicole Narin in court, to block her from selling the 14-minute explicit romp online.

Farrell has admitted making the tape three years ago for personal viewing and got an injunction to keep it from being released. Despite that, footage from their frolic surfaced online earlier this week at, while Jossip and IDontLikeYouThatWay and probably some other blogs posted images from the tape. Farrell’s lawyer has added the offending (and very funny) sites to the list of defendants in the lawsuit and forced them to remove the screen grabs.

I snagged one of the pics back before they got, um, yanked, but seeing as Farrell’s lawyer seems so litigious I think I’ll pass.

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