Get The Lead Out

They better start looking for the world's biggest eraser. The world's largest pencil, a 22,000-pound, 76-foot-long version of the classic No. 2., is now at the City Museum in St. Louis.

The core is made of 4,000 pounds of graphite (pencils never actually containing real lead) and was made by Ashrita Furman, a 53-year-old health food store manager from New York for his meditation teacher. Perhaps he had to meditate on why his student was so strange.
"Meditation has given me the inner strength to do these improbable things," Furman told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "True, a lot of what I do is crazy, but it gives me a chance to spread the message of meditation."
The monstrous writing implement will tower over the previous record holder, a 65-foot version that stands outside pencil manufacturer Faber-Castell's Malaysian headquarters.

The pencil is not Furman's first run at the record book. He claims to have set 181 Guinness Records and to currently hold 74 including the world record for world records and the fastest time up Toronto's CN Tower on a pogo stick.

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  1. I think that guy just started making up things to hold records in.

  2. I've always gotten that impression about the Guinness Book of Records - someone is the record holder because they are the only person to have bothered to do whatever bizarre thing they are the record holder for.

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