I Play, You Play, Cosplay

So I spent the day in a geek-a-thon on Sunday, delving deep into the world of comics, anime, horror and sci-fi at the Fan Expo Canada in Toronto. I discovered a few pop culture gems that I will mine later in the week, but the rest of the time I went to gawk at the cosplay and they did not disappoint. Halloween has got nothing on them. These are my favourites, go here for the full gallery.

Anime costumes dominated the floor, and some of the people were into their characters. I mean really into them.

Not knowing a thing about anime (and a convention floor not being a great time to ask), I have no idea who their characters are. So a little help, if you know, would be appreciated.

Of course it wasn't all anime. This woman's super power allowed her to attract all the men in the building with a camera.

And Supergirl managed to convince some people to pretend they were actually interested in Smallville.

Meanwhile Leatherface here just managed to creep me the hell out.

There were of course movie tie-ins, like Cobra Commander here.

And TV tie-ins as well. Here we see Stewie campaigning for a Family Guy Emmy.

There was very little in the way of Star Wars represented. No Darth Vaders and just a handful of Stormtroopers — but there was Mark Hamill standing all lonesome in a corner, so I threw him a photo-op. Actually Billy Dee Williams was signing autographs, which was weird.

I met the Joker and he kindly handed me a playing card. In retrospect, it was probably unwise of me to have taken it, but being Canadian I didn't want to be rude.

Seems like the Master Chief really let himself go after settling down with Snow White. Halo will never be the same.

Again, anyone have any idea who or what these are? I can tell they are doing a good job, but I have no clue what it might be.

An impromptu lightsaber duel broke out on the floor. These things are bound to happen, especially with the number of weapons being carried around.

Again, I've got to hand it to the anime folks. They really do go all out.

After a long day, even superheroes get tuckered out. I didn't have the heart to tell his parents what lied in their near future. See the full 46-picture gallery here.

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