Superman, The Flash... And The General?

“When Boss Hogg sets up a phony charity designed to funnel contributions from well-meaning citizens into his own pockets, Superman and the Flash are roped into holding a charity race across Hazzard County–without super-powers! But when Bo and Luke Duke, a couple of good ol’ boys who never mean no harm crash the race, can the two Fastest Men Alive outrun a souped-up Dodge Charger before it hits the county line?"
By Chris Sims and drawn by Rusty Shackles of Comics Alliance via my good friend John Farrier's fabulous new blog Neatogeek. The new blog is a spinoff of the already fabulous Neatorama and will be making a regular appearance here. This is also a goodbye to The Zeray Gazette, which cedes its time in the blogosphere to Neatogeek. Congrats John, the site looks amazing!

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