Shit! Orange Got Tagged?

"Mr. Orange dying in a 1972 Pontiac Lemans Coupe Convertible" is Tim Doyle’s tribute to Reservoir Dogs for Spoke Art's Quentin vs. Coen show. Here's part of his explanation of his inspiration from Slash Film:
"For me, the whole film is about the bond these two characters form- Mr. White and Mr. Orange. The entire caper, and all the character’s lives come undone because of the tight honor-bond that White has with Orange. Orange took a bullet in the gut and White is going to see him saved come hell or high water. It’s in this car that the seeds of destruction are sown, a pact made in a bloody hand-clasp. And damn, what a car it is. It’s a big honking chunk of US steel, and while it’s not out of place in the film stylistically, it’s a definite conscious decision on the part of the filmmakers."
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