The Last Last Last Last Last Last Supper

I used to think that the Last Supper took place the day before Good Friday, but I have been reliably informed by my colleague @holycharlie that it actually takes place on Wednesday. But seeing as the rest of you are likely as theologically misinformed as I am that I should point out my ridiculously large (though not complete) collection of pop culture Last Supper parodies and the Last Supper tag. They're sacrilicious!

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  1. the cereal one is sacdelicious.

    The last supper was actually passover seder. Not sure what day that fell on 2k+years ago. Easter, or Ishtar, takes place the Sunday following passover.

  2. As you can clearly see, I have no idea what I'm talking about.

  3. haha, well timed.
    ps. did you ever see the uber blasphemous last supper where jesus was being eaten by zombie apostles?
    if i had a link, i'd share it: if you haven't seen it, i'd google "zombie last supper" or something similar.

  4. Lol these are great

  5. Love the Loonie Toons one...that would make a great cartoon parody too. Can you imagine Bugs saying "What's Up Doc" to Pontius Pilate?

  6. Pontius would have to be played by Elmer Fudd or perhaps Yosemite Sam.