If I Knew You Were Coming I’d Have Blogged a Cake

Happy Birthday Popped Culture! My blog turned two yesterday and it has turned into such a precocious little tyke.

As of yet I’ve have no book deals, I've made no TV appearances and I’m not topping any Technorati lists but I’m having fun picking apart the pop culture that surrounds me. My goal is to amuse myself and I’ve done that, so mission accomplished.

I’ve also come across some great blog (see the blogroll on the right) and have some great regular readers, some who blog and some who don’t, and even done some guest blogging work. There really is a community out there and I thank them all from dropping by.

The best advice I ever read about blogging is don’t apologize for not writing or posting, just get on with it… so enough with my self-indulgence. The best present I received are this weekend's box office results for Snakes on a Plane. It slithered to the top, but with results as low as a, um, snake’s belly. Despite being the most-hyped (at least on the web) movie of the year, the fanatics were only able to scare up $15.2 million.

Could it be that it was all just a hoax and my wish actually came true? “My hope is that this is all just a colossal joke on the movie studio – a huge prank to see what hoops web geeks can get focus group obsessed filmmakers and youth targeting marketing departments to jump through. With any luck, the theatres will all be empty on the opening weekend and all the “fans” will be at home laughing. Now that would be cool” Happy birthday indeed.


  1. To quote a crappy sequel to an oscar-winning movie, I didn't hear no bell on that movie just yet. I think it has one more round in it.

  2. Hey, no raining on my birthday! ;)

  3. Congrats on your blog hitting the two year mark!

    As to the disappointing box office of Snakes on a Plane, my theory is that all the hype on the web resulted in a backlash against the movie. I lay the blame for this at the feet of The Blair Witch Project, which was the last small film with this much hype. That movie was a turkey, so a lot of folks may have assumed that SoaP must be too. The sad thing is, at least IMHO, SoaP is actually a good movie

  4. Happy 2nd birthday! You just get better with age!

  5. Congrats on the longevity!

    That show you mentioned sounds excellent. Where in Japan were you?? Just curious, I lived in Kobe for a while. Kind of a crazy experience.

  6. Well, I tend to be a weatherman that bears bad news.