The Last Days of Gossip

Those of you who believe that dolphins are a kinder, more gentle species than humans and not just the second most intelligent beings on the planet (after mice) are in for a shock. They gossip.

Yes, much like celebrity blogs and tabloids, dolphins appear to enjoy talking about other dolphins behind their backs, according to Scottish research. “We know this because we know their names. Each bottlenose individual identifies itself by a unique pattern of whistles and clicks along the lines of woo-woo-wee-wee, or even woo-wee-woo-woo-wee-woo. What was not known until the Scottish research, however, is that a pair of dolphins use the name of a third dolphin when that third dolphin isn't present. In other words, dolphins gossip.”

Take that those of you who look down your nose at people who enjoy reading about the trails and tribulations of celebs. All higher beings enjoy a little schadenfreude.

So is it ingrained? Are people going to gossip no matter what? Bruno Maddox suggests in the latest Discover magazine (even they discuss gossip!) that if anything the web is making gossip even faster, shortening its shelf life, leading to a world without secrets. I’ve seen it happen already. I had two guest bloggers last week. On Monday one wrote about the travails about the King of Malibu and by Thursday another was crying enough with Mad Mel. How’s that for turnaround?

When we all know everything, will there still be a reason to talk about others? Of course we will. When the little kid yelled that the emperor had no clothes, he was just participating in a treasured tradition – mocking our social betters. And that never gets tired.


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  2. Do dolphins fight each other over talking smack? :)

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  4. Oh yeah, you don't want to get inbetween a couple of dolphins laying a tail beating on each other.

    As for mohamed hanif, i don't think it is spam, just not neccesarily the best way to handle a link request. This may not be the forum for this discussion, but seeing as there are two requests on the same page, why not? I'm all for exchanging blog exchange links - I was eager for them when I began and so am happy to return the favour. Of course there is no set ettiquette for this, so here is the way I go about it: If there is a site I like and want to exchange links, I add it to my blogroll before contacting them. If they add me, great. If they don't I don't worry about it. If I didn't want them on my list I wouldn't have added them in the first place.

    But that's just me. I don't know how other people handle it.