Liquids on a Plane

I’m fascinated with the speed pop culture absorbs daily events. Much as gossip stories rise and fall in a matter of days (see below), parodies are now appearing within hours of an event.

Look at today’s arrest of 24 suspects accused of planning the bombing of up to 10 airliners using liquid explosives (something that I never thought I would be writing about here). With travelers now restricted from carrying anything liquid, the Snakes On a Plane, um, takeoff was almost inevitable. Who the fuck brought this motherfucking beverage on this motherfucking plane indeed. Looks funnier than the ads for SoaP that I’ve seen so far.

Terrorism threats didn’t stop there though. Paramount Pictures considered pulling some ads for Oliver Stone’s film World Trade Center, concerned about people’s feelings and state of mind during an elevated terror alert. Just kidding, they were only concerned about how the thwarted attack would affect box office receipts. Ultimately the execs decided to keep the Nic Cage ads rolling. "The events of yesterday and today make this story even more poignant," Don Harris, executive vice-president of distribution at Paramount, said Thursday. "But I don't know whether it helps or hurts."

The show must go on, I suppose.


  1. So those nasty, commercially minded Hollywood types have seen the profit potential in terrorism?

    PS. I have added PoppedCulture to the 'blog links' section of my site, Wonder Trash. A PC link to WT would be immensely appreciated.

  2. I am so sick of getting voicemail messages from Samuel L. Jackson. It wasn't THAT funny the first time and it's definitely not funny after the 5th time.

  3. you're right i guess samuel l. parodies on this one were inevitable...

    i hadn't heard them yet...except now I've seen and heard here.

    Lucky Me! Lucky Me!

    --RC of