Sugar, Sugar, You Are My Candy Girl

Imagine you're well over 60, but you are still trying to appeal to teenagers who read Japanese manga and worship at the alters of Lohan, Hilton and Duff. How can you possibly compete? A facelift and a makeover seems to be the fashion – just ask Betty and Veronica of Riverdale, USA.

The comic book icons, who often duel over the apparently must-have affections of Archie Andrews, have gone under the pen and emerged with a look that is more Hollywood than Toontown, all in an effort to give the brand a little more realism and romance. This is what female fans are supposedly clamouring for, according to Archie publisher Michael Silberkleit, and how they want to view themselves.

But you needn’t worry that these wholesome young ladies are going to start partying till dawn, snorting cocaine and dropping their underwear before eventually checking into rehab for “exhaustion.” No, no. "There will be no denigrating anybody, no putting down authority or family, no sex, no drugs. The characters will still wear seatbelts. There'll be no smoking. Nobody is going to break the law. It's going to be the same thing from dear old Riverdale that we know and love," says Silberkleit. Phew!

As a kid, I was always more partial to Archie comics, but despite what some may think I am not a prepubescent girl, so I really have no idea what they are looking for in a comic book. Maybe they could make Betty and Veronica more like Ugly and Mars versions currently tearing up our TV screens. They are strong, clever and rarely boy and clothes crazy.

Of course, they could also just leave well enough alone. The desire to changes the characters seems more an exercise in brand expansion than any desire to keep the characters fresh and relevant. Archie comics haven’t been cutting edge since, well, ever. You can pick up an issue and literally read the same stories, with the only concession to the times being our current technological obsessions. And what’s so wrong with that? There is a time for everything and once those readers have grown out of that phase it is as foolish to chase after them as a senior citizen trying to pass herself off as a teenager.


  1. I have to admit that as a kid I was always partial to superhero comic books, but I read my share of Archie comics as well. And I really can't say I like this makeover one bit. Betty and Veronica have looked more or less the same for sixty years, why should they change them now? At this rate, I guess we can look forward to a rap version of "Sugar, Sugar..."

  2. I am opposed to this makeover. This is quite the popular blog topic, lol. I wrote a post about it as well.

    Glad to have stumbled across your blog...

  3. Oh, ew! New Betty & Veronica just look wrong! Although it makes me curious about how Jughead will look.

  4. You have a very interesting blog!

    I just gotta say, I oppose the new look of Betty. Is it me, or does she look a lot like Britney Spears? Yikes. Bring back the originals.

    I'm just curious, what are they going to do to Archie. A Justin Timberlake look-a-like? LOL.

  5. Hey everyone - sorry, I was away. Interesting thoughts on the rest of the gang. So if Archie becomes Justin Timberlake, who's next? I suggest Zach Braff as Jughead, Nick Lachey as Reggie, Vin Diesel as Moose and Daniel Radcliffe as Dilton. Any suggestions for teachers and parents?

  6. Mercurie, a rap version of Sugar, Sugar was performed by Jughead on a TV Movie made in 1990 called TO RIVERDALE AND BACK AGAIN.

  7. So that explains why I've been getting so many Google hits looking for a rap version of Sugar Sugar!