Campaigning is hard work – it takes a lot of effort to get enough people to vote for you. Just ask Michael Ignatieff. Oh… right.

So in lieu of anything trenchant or insightful to say, I present you with a list of things you can while away many an hour on the interweb. Don’t use these at work. Ha ha ha.

Ever wanted to be on The Simpsons or South Park? Well you can be, sort of. There are character generators for both – to the right is me as I would appear (for the most part) if I went to South Park to have myself a time.

Not the animated type? Then how about joining a ‘70’s Bollywood musical? If that's your dream, than it’s your lucky day! Bombay TV lets you subtitle your own mini-epic and email the masterpiece to your entire mailing list – ‘cause you know they want to see it.

Do you like those mosaics made up of thousands of smaller photos? If you thought they were ubiquitous before, now you can make your own with the Image Mosaic Generator which pulls the pics from Flickr and turns any photo you upload into a mosaic. Good, pointless fun.

Lastly, check out this fantastic mashup of the trailer for Requiem for a Dream and Toy Story II. Pure brilliance.


  1. You know, when it comes to mash ups, I think this one between Toy Story 2 and Requiem... has to be one of the funnier ones. Of course, for some reason I also find it pretty darn creepy, too...

  2. I wonder how many movies they try to match before one works? Or is it just a stroke of brilliance? I loved both of these films in different ways, so seeing them together made me happy in a twisted kind of way.

  3. Thanks MC, I have now joined a wonderfully bizarre group and I am honoured. I only wish I was the one who had made the mashup to begin with.