Allah in the Family

“Muslims around the world are known for their sense of humour.” This statement may come as a surprise to many as some Muslims have been a touch, um, sensitive to any portrayals of their faith: Salman Rushdie, Danish cartoons, German operas, to name a few. So, when the CBC announced it was going to air a new comedy called Little Mosque on the Prairie, a “halal-arious” comedy about being Muslim in a small Prairie town, I wasn’t the only one who thought this could be trouble.

But so far, no fatwa. Of course the show doesn’t air until this coming Tuesday, though not having seen the content has never stopped a death threat before. The premise has people buzzing – luminaries such as Associated Press and the New York Times have sat up and taken notice, and for you non-Canadians out there, people here rarely talk about our homegrown TV, let alone the international media. More importantly (at least as far as ratings are concerned) I’m interested in checking it out, as is Gill and even my father-in-law said he was intrigued. Did I mention people usually don’t talk or watch much Canadian TV?

The top-rated Canadian show, that isn’t hockey, is Corner Gas, a show about some genial Canuck hosers set in a small Prairie town. Hmm, seems familiar – I suppose success does breed imitators. It’s funny that we like to see ourselves reflected as living the quiet, rural life when the truth is more of us live in large cities, but so be it. With Little Mosque at least we’ll be seeing some of the increasingly multicultural nature of our nation as well.

Will it be controversial or will the edges been worn down so as not to offend anyone’s sensibilities? So far the promos, featuring a Muslim lawyer who is moving west to run a small-town mosque, have been good for a laugh. See for yourself:


  1. I have to admit the clip was hilarious, and I really don't see that it could be considered offensive. Of course, even given that, I still have to wonder why it hasn't generated any controversy. The Middle East has been known to be, um, sensitive to a lot of portrayals of Islam in the West, especially those on the more comedic side.

  2. I am not a big TV watcher but the title got me interested and the ads have all been rather funny. I may give it a whirl. It'll be interesting to see how the general public responds to the pilot.

  3. Hehe. Funny clip.

    Btw, the URl for my blog on your sidebar is wrong. I moved from mysticdollarredemption to Sorry. :D

  4. Jeremy: Please post more of this show for us Americans who up until now have considered ourselves lucky not to be able to watch Canadian TV.

    I best there would be a huge uproar if it was an American TV show but since its from "harmless" Canada its sliding under the radar.

  5. Still no controversy, just a large amount of interest. It will be interesting to see if it turns into ratings.

    Emma, I have changed the url, thanks for the heads up.

    Hey Dr., I'm sure some enterprising type will post the episode on YouTube. I'll keep an eye out for it.